Who We Are

We are an official branch of Philly DSA located in Suburban Philadelphia. We are Democratic Socialists, but we are also made up of many different tendencies of the left.

Our branch holds monthly meetings across Bucks and Montgomery counties. We are involved in the campaign for Medicare For All, immigration justice, anti-racism & anti-fascism, environmental education and cultural events. We welcome all people and strive to be accessible for the disabled/differently-abled members of our community.

We plan in 2020 and beyond to expand our focus on ecological justice through community gardens, racial justice through our opposition to dangerous immigration policies at the local and national level, LGBTQ+ and gender equality through outreach to marginalized communities and education, and economic and health justice through Medicare for All and support for labor and unions.

What we’re fighting for

Healthcare is a Human Right

We are resolute in our assertion that health care is a human right; everyone deserves to recieve premium health care, not just have “access” to care. We believe that he profit motive has no place in a just healthcare system.

Political Education

We believe that a critical part of building socialism, is building a strong base of politically well-educated people. Find out how we’re expanding political education in the suburbs!

Racial, Immigrant & LGBTQ+ Justice

We recognize the abysmal history of injustice that America has with minority groups of all kinds; we full-heartedly demand and support efforts (both restitutional and preventative) to correct these crimes.


We recognize that so much world suffering is caused by Imperialist conquest that seeks to steal both the resources and the autonomy of both the poor, and indigenous populations. We stand resolutely against such capitalistic exploits.

Civic & Workplace Democracy

We believe that our elections should be as democratic as possible, but also that our workplaces should be as well. This means both taking action to expand voter enfranchisement, and making work owned and operated by its workers- not by some far-removed board of executives.


We believe that the land, water and air must all be publicly owned, and must be protected against capitalist exploitation. Find out how BuxMont is working to ensure & expand such protections!

Wanna join us?

BuxMont DSA welcomes you no matter your availability or level of commitment. DSA is a broad, diverse coalition of workers, activists, parents, and students. We welcome your support and camaraderie in any form or capacity.

By joining our national organization, you automatically become a voting member of your Local.