Political Education

Racial Capitalism and Prison Abolition

Monday, November 16th 2020 at 7 PM

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BuxMont DSA Steering Committee: buxmontsoc@gmail.com

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Join BuxMont DSA each Monday at 7:00pm for our weekly virtual political education program! Each session will include a live reading of a relatively short, accessible article or other piece of media that encourages us to think strategically about the challenges socialists face in our struggle to build a better world. Because we read articles aloud together, interspersed with open discussion, no homework is necessary!
This week, we will read an anonymously written and illustrated zine on Racial Capitalism and Prison Abolition, an accessible introduction to core ideas within the Black Marxist tradition, synthesizing the work of Cedric Robinson, Robin D.G. Kelley, Ruth Wilson Gilmore, Mariame Kaba, Angela Davis and others. We will discuss how race has functioned to organize labor relations in favor of the capitalist class, how the state’s monopoly on violence criminalizes Blackness and poverty, and how mass incarceration maintains the reserve army of the unemployed that fuels capitalism 🌹