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Convention Prep: Building Tenant Power Resolution (ft. Communist Caucus)

Wednesday, April 28 2021 at 7 PM (Weekly event!)

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BuxMont DSA Steering Committee: buxmontsoc@gmail.com

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Every two years, DSA convenes a National Convention, the highest decision-making body of the organization, whose delegates collectively set our political agenda, choose national organizing priorities, vote on important internal reforms, and elect members to the National Political Committee (NPC). We must prepare our members for this Convention and develop a deep understanding of the urgent political and organizational questions up for debate. To this end, BuxMont DSA plans to host discussions with members from various national DSA caucuses to discuss their authored resolutions. We aim to represent all major ideological tendencies within DSA throughout this initiative to highlight the political diversity of our organization, help members develop their own political positions, and foster informed, comradely debate despite often sharp, impassioned, and urgent disagreements among our membership.

This week we are joined by the Communist Caucus to discuss their resolution “Building Tenant Power in the DSA.” The authors emphasize the centrality of housing as a site of class struggle that has intensified through a growing tenants’ movement. The resolution calls on the national organization to develop a structure to support local chapters in efforts to build local autonomous tenant unions. The authors call for the Housing Justice Commission to develop three wings: 1) a training wing that trains DSA members to build and/or collaborate with multi-racial tenant unions 2) a second wing to assess the resources of local DSA housing committees and to serve as a legal aid outfit and 3) a third wing to develop political education curriculum relevant to the tenant movement. This discussion offers DSA members a chance to pose questions and provide comradely critiques to authors of the resolution.