Socialism 101 Series

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Join BuxMont DSA every other Monday at 7:00pm ET for our virtual political education program! Each session will include a live reading of a relatively short, accessible article that encourages us to think strategically about the challenges socialists face in our struggle to build a better world. Because we read articles aloud together during the meeting, interspersed with open discussion, no homework is necessary! All are welcome (members and non-members alike located anywhere)!

I. Understanding Capitalism

This reading from Erik Olin Wright debunks the myth that capitalism promotes freedom and democracy. He argues that capitalism’s unequal and life-consuming demands for exploitative labor “impose a low ceiling” on the development of freedom and democracy.

This excerpt from Vivek Chibber explains how the elements of capitalism (markets, wage labor, and private ownership) benefit only those in control of production and exploit those who sell their labor.

II. Understanding the Struggle for Socialism

Meagan Day distinguishes democratic socialists from liberals and explains why our fights require a mass movement, not just winning a policy debate.

Ben Tarnoff borrows from theorist Nicos Poulantzas to discuss how to build power in and against the state.

III. What about the Working Class?

Ellen Meiksins Wood argues that the working class are central to the struggle for socialism, and that socialism is the central emancipatory project, rather than merely one struggle among a plurality.

In her speech to the DSA’s 2019 National Convention, Sara Nelson demonstrates the liberating power of solidarity by recounting its vital role in recent labor history.


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